Five high Mountains

Mt. Huashan: Situated in the south of Huayin County, Guanzhong, Shanxi, and 1977 meters above sea level. With many towering mountain peaks, it was called the Western Mountain in ancient times. Mountain Huashan has the most steep and perilous peaks among the Five High Mountains. There is a saying "there is only one way in Mountain Huashan". The east, west and south sides are all sheer precipices and overhanging rocks, no other way out, there is only one perilous way in the north side to the summit of the mountain. Everywhere there are jagged rocks of grotesque shapes and steep cliffs. Shibapan (Eighteen Spirals), Canglong Ridge are the famous scenic spots.

Mt. Taishan: Situated in the north of Taian, 50 km to the south of linan, Shandong. The highest peak "Yuhuangding"(God's Summit) is 1524m above sea level, towering to the skies. It was called the Eastern Mountain in ancient times. It has also a laudatory title of "The First of the five high Mountains". When each emperor of the past dynasties ascended the throne, most of them came here to worship Heaven. Stone inscriptions, inscriptional record and ancient architecture as well as traces of ancient civilization can be seen all over the mountain. The sunrise on Mt. Taishan is a magnificent sight.

Mt. Hengshan: One of the Five High Mountains called the Northern Mountain. The highest peak stands in the south of Huiyuan County, Shanxi, 20l7m above sea level, The Tianfeng Ridge and Mountain Cuiping facing each other, stone pinnacles and pine trees setting off the pavilions. The sightseeing spots include Morning Temple, Huixianfu (Guest Reception Mansion), Jiuwang Palace (Ninth King Palace), the Midair Temple and Lyre-Chess Stage.

Mt. Songshan: Situated to the west of Zhengzhou, in Dengfeng County in southeast of Luoyang. The mountain is very precipitous, called Central Mountain. It consists of Taishi (Senior) and Shaoshi (Junior) mountains; the highest peak is 1440m above sea level. The scenic spots and historical sites in Songshan are scattered all over like stars in the sky. The most well-known spots are Shaolin Temple, Central Mountain Temple and Songshan Temple Pagoda.

Mt. Hengshan: Towering over the center of Hunan is known as the Suothern Mountain. It is a place for the emperors in the ancient times to go hunting and offer sacrifices. The Central Mountain, covered by pine trees and bamboo groves, is a very good summer resort. It is praised to be the most beautiful one among the Five Mountains. The high Zhurong Peak, graceful Depository of Buddhist Texts, the peaceful Fangguang Temple and the wonderful Water-curtain Cave are its four superb scenic spots. The main hall of the Great Temple of the Southern Mountain has 72 stone pillars, representing 72 peaks of Mt. Hengshan.