Two Natural Scenery Areas

Zhangjiajie: Located in western Hunan, 32km.away from Dayong City, it is the first forest garden in China. Here you can see stone pinnacles wreathed in the mist, primitive landscape, more than 3000 wonderful peaks, hundreds of rivers and streams, springs and waterfalls. Zhangjiajie and Suoxiyu and Tianzishan Mountain constitute the Wulingyuan Scenery Area.

Jiuzhai Gully: Located in Nanping County, Aba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan, is the first nature preserve area and panda protection area in China, The whole area occupies 620 sq. km. It derives its name from the nine Tibetan Villages in the gully. Within the scenic spot, there are more than 100 alpine lakes, the water is as clear as crystal, between the lakes; the differences of altitudes create waterfalls.